Research | The Outlook for Contextual Solutions in Data Driven Advertising and Marketing

With the impending death of cookies and ongoing concerns about consumer privacy online, the advertising landscape is changing and contextual targeting has been thrust back into the limelight. What started as a targeting solution from the early days of the Internet is now a powerful alternative to third-party cookies with universal applications across text-based and visual media.

In “The Outlook for Contextual Solutions in Data Driven Advertising & Marketing,” created in partnership with the Winterberry Group, we spoke with brand marketers, media owners and solution providers who are influencing the next generation of contextual solutions to learn what the resurgence of contextual targeting means in the evolving advertising and media landscape.

Download the full report to uncover the past, present and future of contextual targeting, and key trends ahead, including:

  • A Combination of Approaches: Utilizing “plain” contextual, search intelligence and intent data to deliver an understanding of the likely interest and behaviors of the consumer.
  • Packaging the Offering: Ability of media owners to offer comprehensive contextual planning, targeting and evaluation solutions, including brand safety, audience insights via page consumption, to compete with the major walled gardens.
  • The Resurgence of Sell-Side Power: In addition to the above, the nature of content and context puts media owners in control, as opposed to the case with third-party cookies and the large technology providers.
  • Balancing the Targeting/Activation Waterfall: The marketing and media industries will see a balancing of approaches between data-driven and contextual targeting.